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Dental Implants

If you’ve been living with missing teeth, dental implants may be a suitable option to replace a missing tooth or even a few teeth.  At the dental gallery in Point Cook we have dentists who are accredited to perform dental implant surgery and have performed numerous procedures.

A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw bone. It acts as a solid foundation to then place a crown.  Dental implants are an excellent fixed replacement option and remove the hassle of wearing a removable denture.

Implants are an extremely effective tooth replacement option compared to dental bridges or dentures, as a dental implant is free standing and does not require other teeth to support it.

What are the steps involved in having a dental implant at the Dental Gallery?

  1. Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our dentists for a thorough evaluation of your jaw teeth and gums. This will determine if a dental implant is a suitable option for you.
  2. The dentist will then take/order necessary radiographs to determine if you have adequate bone remaining for the placement of the implant.
  3. Review consultation to discuss treatment options and you will be given a detailed quote.
  4. Minor surgery (usually in one appointment) under a local anaesthetic to place a dental implant.
  5. The dental implant is allowed to heal for 3-6 months and you can wear a temporary denture while the healing process takes place.
  6. After adequate healing 2 appointments are required to attach a porcelain crown to the implant, which provides you with normal function and a fantastic smile. 

Facts about dental implants

  • Research shows the success of implants is about 90% after ten years.
  • Cost of dental implants are comparable to having a fixed bridge, however without the cost of sacrificing healthy neighbouring teeth
  • Dental implants provide you the freedom from a removable denture as there are options using implants to support a full upper and lower denture.
  • Dental implants are made from titanium while the crown is made from porcelain; hence dental implants are not susceptible to dental decay.
  • Dental implants require excellent home care similar to your natural teeth to maintain gum health. Regular dental hygiene at home and regular visits to your dentist and hygienist is vital to maintain the dental implant.

Dental implants need good strong bone for success; hence it is important to consider dental implants soon after extracting teeth to avoid the need for bone grafting procedures to gain bone.

  • The procedure is very involved for the dentist but for the patients it is straightforward with minimal postoperative pain that subsides within 24 hours of the procedure.
  • Patients can often return to work the day after the procedure.
  • The process (minor surgery) is completed in one visit at the dental gallery under a local anaesthetic.
  • Patients are encouraged to bring in their music to listen to during the procedure.
  • If you are nervous you can discuss with the dentist forms of oral sedation to help you relax during the procedure.
  • The natural-looking artificial tooth crown is attached to the dental implant after 3 to 6 months of healing.
  • You can also opt for a temporary denture to wear during the healing.

Dental implants from the dental gallery can give you back your complete smile that is secure, stable and reliable. Make an appointment today to discuss if a dental implant is a suitable