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Our Support Staff


Our reception manager is the most experienced member of the team, having worked in the dental industry for over 35 years. Yvonne started at the dental gallery, the first year the practice was opened in 2004 and has been with us ever since. Over those years she worked in several general dental and specialist practices and this has been key to the vast knowledge she now shares with us.  She understands the needs of the patients’ on all fronts and provides them with assistance, guidance and reassurance.

She is extremely valuable to our patients and a great asset to our practice. Yvonne has also been instrumental in achieving Accreditation for the practice. She has worked tirelessly, spending months ensuring our systems and processes meet the national standard.

Yvonne continues to maintain our accreditation on an ongoing basis as the process is not a static achievement. There is need to ensure that the practice keeps up to date for optimal patient safety. We are fortunate to have her on our team on a clinical as well as on an administrative level. She leads a busy, healthy lifestyle, keeping fit by going to the gym and attending dance classes. Her family is very important to her and Yvonne enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children and their partners. She loves to travel and enjoys going overseas during her break from the dental gallery each year.


One of our patient co-ordinators, Monique, graduated from RMIT in 1998 with a certificate III in Dental Assisting. She joined our team in 2007. Monique has a multifaceted role at the dental gallery, which involves reception duties as well as clinical duties.

She is a very experienced dental assistant and is excellent at what she does. Her organisational skills are second to none and she endeavours to ensure that the clinical facilities are kept at a very high standard. She is passionate about health and fitness and she enjoys running and going to the gym.


A great all-rounder, Kim is capable of performing any duty given to her. She graduated with a certificate III in Dental Assisting from Ingenuity in 2006, and has been working with us since 2007. After the birth of her first child she has been working with us only on a part-time basis and can be seen mostly at the reception desk. However she enjoys having different roles, hence she can be seen patient co-ordinating, assisting dentists, and can be found almost everywhere in the practice.


In 2009, we got lucky when Neomi joined our team. Neomi was a Qualified Dentist in the Philippines before she migrated to Australia. Hence she is our most over-qualified dental assistant.

Neomi is a gentle and caring assistant who has been known to set patients at ease during their dental appointment with a comforting rub of their shoulders. She is quick, efficient and very hardworking. She is the “energiser bunny” of the practice and her enthusiasm is very refreshing. She never complains and has a very positive outlook about everything in her job and in her life.

Neomi juggles her work and family commitments with a smile on her face and we love her for this. We are blessed to have her in our practice and deeply respect her attributes and her knowledge.


Marites fondly addressed as Tess was born in the Philippines. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. She worked in a bank for 12 years as a sales service assistant and interestingly in the department investigating fraud.

In 2005 Tess moved with her family to Singapore where she lived for 3 years. In November 2009 Tess finally moved to Australia with her family on account of her husband’ work. Tess took a break from the workforce while she cared for her young family. However it was not long until Tess decided to rejoin the workforce and embarked on a career as a dental assistant. She completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting in June 2015.

Tess is very passionate and caring and always lives by her motto “My mission is to serve and my passion is to care”. In her spare time Tess loves to spend time with her husband and 3 children. She enjoys travelling, cooking, cycling and photography.  


Jaime is one of our qualified dental assistants, who works mainly on Saturday mornings. She became a part of our team in 2006. Originally from Western Australia, she is a gentle and caring person, and patients are able to relate to her easily. If not assisting the dentists, she can be found at the front desk of our practice.


Cristal has always wanted to be a dental assistant. In 2010 she took the initiative to apply for a position at our practice, when we were not actually looking to fill any position. Her determination, however, got her over the line, and she has become a wonderful addition to our team. She graduated with her Certificate III in Dental Assisting from RMIT in 2011. Eager to further her qualifications, Cristal graduated with Certificate IV in Dental Radiography from Menzies Institute in 2014.

Cristal has not stopped learning as she has now also completed her Degree in Dental Hygiene. She continues to work for us as a dental assistant on the weekends. However she fills the rest of her hours working as a Dental Hygienist in a Specialist Practice. We are always amazed at her determination and commitment to learning and we hope to always have her as part of our team.


Carolyn has had a wide range of exciting careers. Carolyn has taken on the role of our front desk receptionist and patient facilitator. Her warm and friendly manner has already endeared her to our patients. She has a wonderful sense of humour and is always calm and welcoming.

She is eager to help our patients in every way right from the first telephone contact to follow ups after treatment. Her mission is to ensure our patients are well cared for and are given the highest level of customer service. On weekends Carolyn enjoys spending time with her family, catching up with her friends and gardening.