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Patient Information

At the dental gallery we believe in providing a high standard of care in a relaxed non-threatening and non-judgemental manner. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable. The relationship we have with you begins with the initial phone call or when you come in to make your appointment until the conclusion of your treatment. Our friendly reception staff will ask you several questions to help us to start understanding your needs and concerns. They can then make an appointment that is appropriate to meet your needs and explain to you what you would expect from that appointment. They also ask about your previous experiences so that we can learn more about you and provide care to meet those needs.

Patients are expected to fill out a detailed
medical history form

This can be downloaded by clicking on the green button on the right

The information on this form is treated as strictly confidential but it enables us to understand your medical and dental history and to take certain precautions in providing care for you. Hence it is vital to ensure that the form is filled out truthfully.

When you present as a new patient you will be seen by one of our dentists and you will have the opportunity to discuss all your concerns, queries and history. If you present with a particular problem the dentists aim to address and manage that particular problem at the visit and then reschedule you for the comprehensive examination at a later stage. During the comprehensive evaluation we will take photographs and X-rays of your teeth. We will evaluate your mouth with respect to your teeth, gums, soft tissues, diet, oral hygiene, jaw joints function, oral muscles, tongue and lip function. We will review your airway, breathing, sleep and lifestyle. Evaluating these areas helps us to arrive at a diagnosis, the causes of the problem and then provide you with treatment options that are long lasting.

Our dentists will outline their findings and management options will be thoroughly discussed. You will be consulted in the treatment planning process after all options have been discussed. We will give you a written detailed quote with all the appointments, item codes and costs of treatment. The treatment co-ordinators will go through the options. They will work with you to manage the appointments and assist with payment options.

You may be booked to see Lydia Wang our Oral Health Therapist who will professionally clean your teeth. She will also discuss with you the most effective means of ensuring excellent oral hygiene at home.

If you require further treatment, appropriate appointments will be made. However if you do not require any further treatment a maintenance appointment will be scheduled with the Oral Health Therapist and the dentist at intervals specific to your needs.

Cancellation, Fail to attend and short notice policy

As a small, personable practice we strive to provide an excellent service to all our patients. All missed appointments and last-minute cancellations deprive other patients of the opportunity to receive dental care.

Whilst we understand certain circumstances are unavoidable, we kindly ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment. This allows us to offer your appointment time to another patient who may need urgent dental care. Obviously it is difficult to predict when we will become unwell however if you are feeling unwell in the lead up to your appointment please let us know asap.

Short notice cancellations, failure to attend and arriving more than 10 mins late for an appointment disrupts other patients as well as our staff. We appreciate your time is valuable and we try to keep as close to your appointment time as possible. Please extend us the same courtesy.

The first time an appointment is missed or rescheduled with the 24 hour notice period, we will remind you of our policy. The second time you will incur a $90 fee and be required to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit when making your next appointment. This deposit will be credited to your next invoice but will be forfeited should your appointment be cancelled at late notice, you arrive late or miss the appointment completely.

We appreciate your understanding.