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Our Philosophy

Our Mission

  • To be the most respected and well regarded practice in Point Cook
  • To provide exceptional customer service & make everyone feel welcome
  • To treat people and not just their teeth
  • To ensure maintenance of optimal dental health through prevention rather than symptomatic treatment
  • To empower our patients to obtain optimum health outcomes
  • To utilize the latest, proven clinical protocols, scientific research and systems for the benefit of our patients.
  • To communicate with patients truthfully, with dignity and respect for all individuals
  • To be committed to ongoing education and to constantly learn and grow

What you should expect from us

Good oral health care is built on a positive and active relationship between the patient and the oral health team. Under common law, you must voluntarily give your permission before any treatment can be carried out. Permission may be verbal or in writing in the case of complicated treatment. At the outset, the Dental Gallery offers its patients:

  • Guidance and assistance to help you reach the level of health required
  • Maintenance  of confidentiality with regard to your personal information
  • Provision  of a comprehensive evaluation and investigation of your dental health prior to planning and recommending treatment options
  • A clear knowledge of your dental health status
  • Formulation of your dental goals as well as recognition of possible limitations  or obstacles that may get in the way of achieving your goals
  • Addressing any apprehensions you may have regarding the treatment
  • Discussion of treatment options verbally or in writing, including identification of potential risks and complications associated with it
  • Information regarding the estimated financial aspect of the treatment both verbally and in writing
  • Advice as to the use of preventative measures and optimal treatment choices to avoid more serious issues
  • A written definitive plan for treatment with the objective of achieving the best possible outcome
  • Commencement of treatment only after you have given informed consent
  • Expectation of payment for treatment in accordance with the financial protocol and policy of the practice

What we expect from our patients

  • Accurate information about your previous medical, dental treatment, allergies and medication
  • Courtesy and consideration to staff and respecting the rights of other patients
  • Observance of  your appointment or providing early notification of your inability to attend
  • Paying fees and co-payments by the dates given or contacting the clinic to discuss payment options
  • Communicating clearly with your dental professional by sharing information about your health, social circumstances and emotional wellbeing
  • Following the advice provided for the management of your own oral health, or discussing this with your dental professional if you do not wish to do so
  • Asking for information or clarification if you do not understand the information given
  • Reporting any unexpected changes in your condition by contacting the clinic if a problem arises
  • Informing us if you do not wish other people to be present such as family members or students
  • Telling us if you are not satisfied with the care you receive by contacting the Practice Manager at The Dental Gallery

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