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Cosmetic Dentistry

– A beautiful full smile is more than a row of straight teeth
– it is the harmonious marriage of the teeth with lips and the face

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth and smile by means of many different procedures and techniques such crowns, veneers , dental implants, teeth whitening, braces or Invisalign. At the dental gallery in Point Cook our experienced dental team use all these techniques to achieve a dream smile. Our dentists understand that many people are unhappy with their smile as it can affect their self –confidence and request a smile-make over. We love the opportunity to work with our patients to achieve a beautiful smile.

At the dental gallery we believe that cosmetic dentistry should not only improve the aesthetics of your smile, but also improve functionality by improving the way your teeth meet and your bite. We strive to ensure that new smile also helps you chew, speak and swallow more effectively.

We have been proud to part of the local community since 2004 and being able to offer all these services in our modern practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry Techniques

At the dental gallery the procedures we use in cosmetic dentistry include: porcelain veneers and dental crowns, dental implants, teeth whitening and braces or Invisalign.

Porcelain and Ceramic Veneers and Dental Crowns

Veneers and crowns are used to improve the appearance and function of damaged teeth.


Veneers can be used to add strength and improve the appearance of chipped, broken or discoloured teeth. They can also be used to reshape teeth, repair fractures or close the gaps between the teeth. Teeth that have had root canal therapy can become weakened and discoloured with time and veneers can be used to improve that aesthetics of these teeth.

Composite veneers are made of from plastic, that are applied to the front surfaces of the teeth. They are made and bonded to the teeth in one visit. The colour of the veneer is matched to your teeth. Unlike composite veneers, ceramic veneers are fabricated in the laboratory and is completed over 2 visits. Ceramic veneers are aesthetically superior to composite veneers and do not stain or chip easily. They do require preparation of the teeth unlike composite veneer but this preparation can be minimal.

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Dental Crowns Point Cook

A dental crown also referred to as a “cap” is permanently bonded onto a particular tooth to strengthen the tooth and to improve the tooth’s appearance. They are used for teeth weakened by root canal therapy, heavily repaired or broken teeth, or teeth that have discoloured fillings. Dental crowns are usually an excellent option to prevent teeth from breaking and splitting as it prevents the different parts of a tooth from flexing away from each other especially in teeth that are heavily filled. Dental crowns can be made from gold and porcelain. With good care, dental crowns are a long lasting option. Learn more about crowns and veneers

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening, is an effective and simple way to brighten your smile. Teeth whitening can be done as an independent procedure to provide an instant lift to your smile or in conjunction with other cosmetic or orthodontic work. This can add radiance to your smile. At the dental gallery we offer two options to whiten your teeth

At home Teeth Whitening

To whiten your teeth at home, dental impressions of your upper and lower teeth are done in our Point Cook clinic and custom fitted trays that fit comfortably over your teeth are made.  The trays allow the safe application of whitening agents to your teeth for prolonged periods. We supply you with an agent that is worn for an hour during the day.

In-chair Teeth Whitening

This procedure is done in our clinic in Point Cook and involves whitening gel being carefully applied to your teeth and activated with a blue LED light for four 15 minute cycles. It includes desensitisers to help minimize sensitivity and protect your enamel. This dentist supervised procedure is clinically proven to whiten up to eight shades, all in one office visit and gives you immediate results. Learn more about teeth whitening

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or Braces

Orthodontics can be used as part of a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan to straighten / reposition your teeth. Options that are available include:


Invisalign is an invisible and removable hygienic alternative to traditional metal braces. It consists of a series of removable aligners that can be changed every two weeks. The fortnightly replacement of each aligner gradually moves your teeth, until they are straightened and in the desired position. The aligners are made from medical grade plastic that is smooth and comfortable to wear. They do not irritate the gums, cheek and tongue. Learn more about Invisalign

Passive self-ligation braces/Damon braces is an innovative system of braces that uses frictionless brackets and unique memory wires to achieve broader smiles, often without the need for extraction of teeth. Learn more about braces 

Dental Implants Pont Cook

Dental implants can be an option to replace a missing tooth (or even a few teeth) or to close a gap in your smile. Implants are an extremely effective tooth replacement option compared to dental bridges or dentures, as a dental implant is free standing and does not require other teeth to support it. They remove the hassle of wearing a removable denture. A dental implant consists of a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw bone. This acts as a solid foundation to then place a dental crown. Learn more about dental implants

Maintaining and caring for your teeth after having Cosmetic Dentistry

At the dental gallery Point Cook, we focus heavily on prevention and our oral health therapist is dedicated to working with you to achieve and maintain great oral hygiene. In addition to teaching you how to maintain your teeth at home through regular brushing and flossing, we believe that you should have your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. Learn more about our dental hygiene program

What Cosmetic treatment is best for you?

Treatment plans are individualised to your needs and no two plans are the same. In order to develop a treatment plan for your needs please book an appointment with one of our dentists.

In some cases, we recommend a “mock-up” or simulation of your projected smile so that you can visualise the result you can expect to achieve. This takes a couple of visits and involves taking upper and lower impressions/moulds of your teeth and photographs which are then sent to a specific laboratory to design a smile for you that matches your face. The computer simulated smile is then converted to a template which is then tried in your mouth at your next visit. This helps you to see how the designed smile looks in your mouth rather than through a computer simulation. Patients usually have an excellent idea of the end result from the very beginning prior to any treatment being commenced. Photographs are taken of this mockup smile for you to take home and visualise.

We look forward to meeting you to help you discuss how we can help you find the best cosmetic dental treatment for you in Point Cook and surrounding suburbs.