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The entire dental gallery team dressed up to attend theGala Presentation Evening for the 2023 Wyndham Business Awards. We were entertained by the wonderful singing and humor of Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell.
Our energetic team danced the night away as we celebrated being recognised as a Finalist in the category of “Excellence in Technological Excellence” and the Winner in the category of  “Excellence in Customer Experience”.

The following is what the judges had to say:

“The leadership team showed great awareness and dedication to the customer and saw the business through the eyes of the customer. Max the therapy dog is a unique service to help customers through the stressful ordeal of visiting a dentist. Customer centred service is evident through every aspect of their business as well as every aspect of the customer journey. From a large open waiting area through to the patient rooms, Max being on hand for nervous patients through to the specialist services they offer children. The customer came first at all touch points, the driver of customer excellence.”

We would like to sincerely thank all the judges, The Gordon and the Wyndham City Council for
all their hard work and effort in organizing and coordinating this wonderful event for another

Wyndham Business Awards 23