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The 3Shape TRIOS 3D Scanner- Quick, Convenient Intraoral Imaging

Oct 11, 2018 | Technology

At the dental gallery, we are always looking at ways of providing our patients with the highest quality and most convenient dental experience possible. For this reason, we have invested in the latest 3Shape TRIOS 3D Scanner at our Point Cook practice.

This small hand-held scanning tool and camera conveniently and comfortably scans the inside of your mouth while you are sitting in the dental chair. We can quickly produce accurate high resolution images of your teeth, palate and gums, then email the “images” to any lab for making aligners, retainers, dental implants, orthodontic appliances, night guards, sleep apnoea appliances, crowns and bridges.

Traditionally, dental impressions can be messy, uncomfortable for some people, cause gagging and can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

People are often impressed by the speed at which it scans the surface of the teeth and gums and displays an enlarged, realistic portrayal of all sides and angles of the teeth and gums. The result is an incredibly detailed digital impression that shows an enlarged version of what the dentist sees during an examination.

What Happens During a 3Shape TRIOS Scan?

The 3Shape TRIOS scanner is used while you are seated comfortably in a chair.
This hand-held scanner means that you do not need to hold your mouth open for extended periods of time as we can now take a few quick scans, and then look at the digital images on the display screen.

Advantages of the 3Shape TRIOS 3D Scanner

The 3Shape TRIOS 3D Scanner offers several benefits for our patients:

  • No need for traditional impressions.
  • Digital documentation: The 3Shape TRIOS instantly creates accurate, three-dimensional images that can be used for treatment planning.
  • Delivers no radiation.
  • Enhances Patient Communication. Your dentist can show you an enlarged image of your teeth and gum tissue and show any issues as clearly as if you were looking right into your own mouth.
  • Scans can be immediately sent to labs to begin the fabrication process.
  • Fewer appointments needed.
  • Fewer “remakes” due to the incredible accuracy of the scans.
  • Digital scanning is less intimidating for small children who may be scared or gag with traditional impression taking.
  • The scanner also uses a Real Colour and a Colour Matching feature that shows your mouth in natural colour thus making it easier plan proper treatment.
  • The colour matching feature improves the accuracy of matching crowns or veneers to your own teeth.

We look forward to introducing this new scanner into our office and creating an exceptional dental experience for you.