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I am sure most parents can relate to the title of this book, as 25%- 40% of all children suffer from some form of sleep disturbance. In “Sleep Wrecked Kids” Sharon Moore starts from ground up by addressing a simple question, “What is good sleep”? Not surprisingly, most people don’t know and at the end of the day, when your child has not slept, most people do whatever it takes.

Designed for parents, her book goes on to provide an overview of common sleep disorders that can affect children. It outlines some behaviours that a sleep deprived child may exhibit. Sharon outlines some red flags that a parent can identify – sleep, behavioural, environment, airway, medical, myofunctional and dental red flags. She provides parents with simple yet effective, charts and questions that they can use to evaluate their own child prior to seeing professional advice.

The book provides some practical routine tips to help parents improve their child’s sleep. It then goes on to introduce medical, dental and allied health practitioners who you as a parent can consult for further advice.
Remember if you as a parent have trouble sleeping, then your child may not sleep well.

Sharon’s insights and positive practical solutions to improve sleep are invaluable to everyone. If you have a child who has a sleeping problem, don’t delay, have a read today. You will not be disappointed.
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Moore, S. (2018). Sleep wrecked kids: Helping parents raise happy, healthy kids, one sleep at a time