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We give people a beautiful smile

We’ve been doing this almost a decade…

About Us

On behalf of The Dental Gallery team, welcome to our practice. If you’re tired of the same old traditional dental approach, we encourage you to come in and experience the exceptional standard of dentistry.

At The Dental Gallery, we believe in providing high quality dental solutions for life. In our friendly and comfortable surgery we have invested heavily in the latest dental technology, to provide you with outstanding and long-lasting results in the most efficient way possible.

Our practice was established in 2004, and we have become the largest dental practice in Point Cook, with four highly skilled dentists and an incredible oral health therapist, serving the local community and beyond. We were the first in the suburb to introduce Functional Orthodontics, Invisalign, Self-ligating Brackets, Brite Smile Whitening, Neuromuscular Dentistry, Dental Implant Surgery, and Oral Health Therapy.

We are very proud of our extremely qualified team, with the dentists having over 40 years of experience combined and the dental assistants having over 90 years of experience combined. This makes us one of the most knowledgeable dental practices in the country, where we are able to offer a diverse range of specialized dental treatment options.

As of December 2014, we have 12,000 active patients, who have all become part of our practice family. Averaging more than 1000 new patients a year, our best referral source is word of mouth, indicating that the levels of patient satisfaction, confidence and trust are far above ground. We are serious about your dental health and we would like to invite you to experience our individualized attention and care.

Welcome to The Dental Gallery. We look forward to a long and happy relationship with you.

Our Promise To Our Patients

  • Your health and wellbeing are a priority to us.
  • We will guide and assist you in reaching the level of health you desire, through dentistry.
  • We urge you to get involved in the pursuit of your own health outcomes, by being responsible and conscientious toward yourself.
  • Being patients of this practice means that you are part of our family and will always be regarded with dignity and integrity.
  • We will always endeavour to evaluate and investigate your dental health comprehensively, prior to planning and recommending treatment options.
  • We will educate you clearly on your dental health status, as you are entitled to understand it fully.
  • We will work together with you to formulate your dental goals, as well as recognizing possible limitations, obstacles, and apprehensions that may get in the way of achieving these goals.
  • We will endeavour to provide all treatment in a gentle, caring and pleasant manner.
  • Options of treatment will always be openly discussed and offered verbally and/or in writing, including identifying potential risks and complications associated with each, in line with our current knowledge.
  • The financial aspect of treatment will always be provided through written and/or verbal estimation in a fair, straightforward and easy to follow manner.
  • Written detailed informed consent will always be gained from you prior to major dental treatment.
  • We will always promote preventative measures and optimal treatment choices, along with discouraging you from delaying and opting for unfavourable treatment, in order to avoid more serious issues.
  • Treatment will only be performed with a written definitive plan and your informed consent, with the objective of achieving the best outcome possible.
  • We expect to be rewarded fairly in accordance with the financial protocol and policy of the practice.

Medical History Form

Please download our Medical History Form, print and fill it out, and bring it along to your first appointment with us.

Our Standard Of Care

  • Our primary goal is to attain dental health through the prevention of disease, rather than symptomatic treatment.
  • Our motto is “Do onto others as we would expect others to do onto us”.
  • Everyone should aim for a lifetime of optimal dental health.
  • Everyone should understand their current and future dental health status.
  • Everyone should be equipped with the necessary means to take responsibility for their dental health.
  • We strive to provide treatment of the highest standard and ensure that it is effective and durable.
  • We prioritise our treatment for optimal health, function and aesthetics.
  • Our entire team is committed to continuing education to ensure that we keep updating our skills in providing you with the latest that research and dentistry has to offer.
  • We are a motivated, progressive, and confident team.
  • Practice protocols and ethics will always guide and determine the way we operate, ensuring consistency across the team.
  • Every member of the team diligently works towards the same goal.
  • The relationship between our team and our patients is not influenced by any third party, especially insurance health funds.
  • We are a private practice, delivering dental services to private paying patients.
  • Our efforts are always focused on enhancing lives through dentistry.

Our Practice Ethics

  • To provide a positive impact on people’s health through dentistry.
  • To utilise proven and latest clinical protocols, science, and systems in achieving this aim.
  • To communicate with people authentically, truthfully, and with dignity.
  • Respect for all individuals.
  • Honesty and clarity in all contexts.
  • Professionalism in handling all situations.
  • Positive encouragement of all members of the team to expand their individual skills and talents.
  • Emphasising professional continuing education opportunities as a means of constant self-development within the team and beyond.
  • Empowering patients to attain optimal health outcomes.
  • Running an honourable and sustainable dental practice as a business of health.