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If you suffer from headaches and migraines, what you might not know is that your problem could be caused by jaw joint dysfunction. Temporo-Mandibular joint Disorders (TMD) are a very common problem affecting 1 in 5 people. Patients with TMD usually have a disproportionate amount of pain and irritability and this can be difficult for family members to understand. TMD problems are typically progressive.


There are many causes of TMD such as trauma (blow to the face), whiplash (car accident), bad bite (orthodontic problem), poor posture, tooth grinding and clenching, upper airway obstruction as well as stress. All of these problems can place undue pressure on the jaw joint and results in pain and dysfunction (TMD). The symptoms of TMD include clicking, popping and grating and pain in the jaw which occurs with opening or closing the mouth or with eating. Other symptoms include headaches, neck and shoulder pain, dizziness, ear pain and tinnitus (ringing of the ear) and clenching and grinding


At The Dental Gallery the first step is a history and comprehensive evaluation of your jaw joint, head, neck and facial muscles. This enables us to diagnose the cause of your problem and facilitate a holistic non-invasive means of jaw joint therapy. Our approach to jaw joint therapy is designed to return your jaw to its optimal balanced position, to help relieve your symptoms and to protect your jaw joint for further damage and degeneration. If you feel you area suffering from TMD, please feel free to discuss your concerns with us.