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Night time grinding of teeth (Bruxism) is common in both adults and children. It can lead to several dental problems like, chipped and cracked teeth and fillings, split teeth, jaw joint wear and tear and jaw joint dysfunction.


The causes of nocturnal grinding include emotional stress, some medications, a poor bite, pain and repeated subconscious night time awakening (as a result of sleeping problems like sleep apnoea). The symptoms of nocturnal grinding are morning headaches, pain behind the eye and in the muscles that open and close the mouth, persistent tooth pain and pain in the jaw joint on chewing and opening. If left untreated the consequences of tooth grinding can be extensive and even lead to tooth loss.


To prevent further damage caused by night time grinding, we carefully diagnose the problem and may suggest therapy that includes a specially designed night guard. We assess the health of your teeth and jaw joint. We may suggest therapy to restore function of the jaw joint and rebuild teeth with either crowns or fillings to help your mouth regain its natural health and function.