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Are you able to breathe through your nose properly? A lot of people never realised that they are not breathing through the nose. Most of them are actually breathing through their mouths, resulting in open mouth postures (“Why the long face?”). The most common cause of mouth breathing is obstructions in the upper airway due to enlarged adenoids, enlarged tonsils, high palatal vault, nasal polyps, etc.

The purpose of having a nose is to be able to breathe. Thus, the inside of the nose has been designed with hair and bony extensions, which are all there to filter the air that you breathe. This results in cleaner air going into your respiratory system, minimising allergens and dust from entering. The mouth has a different purpose, and it is not for breathing. Often mouth breathers suffer from allergies, cold and flu, asthma, obstructive sleep apnoea, and other medical symptoms, as well as dry mouth, open bite, and higher risks of dental decay, jaw joint dysfunctions and gum disease. Being able to breathe right from your nose is extremely important not just for dental reasons, but also for your overall body health.