General Dentistry > Preventive Dentistry

Just as its name suggests, preventive dentistry aims to help our patients prevent oral disease from progressing, or ideally even beginning. We do this by helping you with your at-home oral hygiene routine, and of course providing excellence in dental care and education at The Dental Gallery practice.

Our aim is to stop the development of oral disease or to find it at an early stage. This includes checking for early signs of periodontal diseasedental decay, and other changes in the soft tissue of the mouth that could lead to oral cancer. It is important to realise that most dental diseases do not present themselves with any symptoms, such as pain, sensitivity, nor tenderness. However, when they are painful, this usually means that the problems are more complex. Six monthly dental examinations are strongly recommended, and have your teeth x-rayed every 2 years to check underneath their surfaces. Early detection prevents future major problems.