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Inadequate oral hygiene routine and infrequent professional dental cleaning can result in accumulation of plaque and calculus along the gum-line of your teeth. This build up is made of food debris and bacteria sticking to the surfaces of teeth and gums. If this build up continues to accumulate into the gum tissues it results in inflammation of the gums or even loss of gum and bone supporting the teeth.  Regular professional dental cleaning every 6-12 months is strongly recommended to minimise the risk of gum disease. Regular professional dental cleaning of every 6 to 12 months is strongly recommended, because if left for too long then the risk of having gum disease increases significantly. Build-ups can continue to accumulate into the gum tissues, resulting in inflammation of the gums that may lead to loss of gum tissues and even loss of bones around the teeth. Remember that gums are the ones that are holding your teeth in your mouth. Having healthy gums is essential in order to have healthy teeth. Our oral health therapist, Jose, is the person to see for on-going treatment and maintenance of your gum health.