Children’s Dentistry > Growth And Development

Your child’s first visit will usually consist of a quick examination of their teeth, gums, jaw and bite, lasting around 15 to 30 minutes. Though your child’s baby teeth will of course fall out naturally, it is still essential they are cared for in the same way as their adult teeth, to avoid potential crowding or alignment problems.

In a child dental examination, we will also assess the growth pattern of your child’s jawbones and dental arches, any possible parafunctional habits that may affect the child’s dental growth and development, such as thumb sucking, and also the breathing pattern of the child.

Children should have all their baby teeth by the time they are three years of age. Our recommendation is to have their first visit to a dentist just before they turn this age. We suggest that you schedule your own appointment at the same time, so your children can gain confidence from seeing you having your teeth examined.  The Dental Gallery team can also help you and your family to become confident in caring for your teeth at home.