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Establishing correct breathing pattern through the nose is vital for children’s long term dental and medical health. When you watch newborn babies asleep, they always have their mouths closed and breathe through the nose. This is natural and how we are all supposed to breathe. However, as children grow, several factors may influence and change their breathing pattern, such as parafunctional habits, excessive consumption of sugar, poor dietary habits, medical conditions, medications, etc. Consequently, they begin to mouth breathe, resulting in open mouth postures.

Children who are mouth breathers have higher risks of contracting allergies, cold and flu, asthma, and other medical symptoms. It has even been shown that children who sleep with their mouths open have higher incidences of bed-wetting, snoring and loud grinding of their teeth.

In terms of dental growth and development, mouth breathers tend to have vertical growth patterns, where the lower jaw grows downward and backward (“Why the long face?”). The reason being is when children (and adults) breathe through their mouths, their tongues are never resting up against the palates (roofs of their mouths), but are positioned down against the floor of their mouths to allow air to flow through freely. This leads to another problem, in which the upper jawbone and dental arch become narrow due to the absence of the tongue forces helping them to widen naturally. The most obvious and visible result is dental crowding. Other effects may include jaw joint dysfunctions, open bite, excessive wear of back teeth, dry mouth, and higher risks of dental decay and gum disease.

Suddenly being able to breathe through the nose has become a lot more significant. Parts of a human body all have specific purposes. Thus, they all should be utilised correctly to prevent and avoid any breakdown in the system. Ask Dr. Donny Mandrawa and Dr. Nomita Gonsalvez about ways to assist your child in establishing correct breathing pattern.

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