About Us > Our Standard Of Care

  • Our primary goal is to attain dental health through the prevention of disease, rather than symptomatic treatment.
  • Our motto is “Do onto others as we would expect others to do onto us”.
  • Everyone should aim for a lifetime of optimal dental health.
  • Everyone should understand their current and future dental health status.
  • Everyone should be equipped with the necessary means to take responsibility for their dental health.
  • We strive to provide treatment of the highest standard and ensure that it is effective and durable.
  • We prioritise our treatment for optimal health, function and aesthetics.
  • Our entire team is committed to continuing education to ensure that we keep updating our skills in providing you with the latest that research and dentistry has to offer.
  • We are a motivated, progressive, and confident team.
  • Practice protocols and ethics will always guide and determine the way we operate, ensuring consistency across the team.
  • Every member of the team diligently works towards the same goal.
  • The relationship between our team and our patients is not influenced by any third party, especially insurance health funds.
  • We are a private practice, delivering dental services to private paying patients.
  • Our efforts are always focused on enhancing lives through dentistry.