About Us > Our Promise To Our Patients

  • Your health and wellbeing are a priority to us.
  • We will guide and assist you in reaching the level of health you desire, through dentistry.
  • We urge you to get involved in the pursuit of your own health outcomes, by being responsible and conscientious toward yourself.
  • Being patients of this practice means that you are part of our family and will always be regarded with dignity and integrity.
  • We will always endeavour to evaluate and investigate your dental health comprehensively, prior to planning and recommending treatment options.
  • We will educate you clearly on your dental health status, as you are entitled to understand it fully.
  • We will work together with you to formulate your dental goals, as well as recognizing possible limitations, obstacles, and apprehensions that may get in the way of achieving these goals.
  • We will endeavour to provide all treatment in a gentle, caring and pleasant manner.
  • Options of treatment will always be openly discussed and offered verbally and/or in writing, including identifying potential risks and complications associated with each, in line with our current knowledge.
  • The financial aspect of treatment will always be provided through written and/or verbal estimation in a fair, straightforward and easy to follow manner.
  • Written detailed informed consent will always be gained from you prior to major dental treatment.
  • We will always promote preventative measures and optimal treatment choices, along with discouraging you from delaying and opting for unfavourable treatment, in order to avoid more serious issues.
  • Treatment will only be performed with a written definitive plan and your informed consent, with the objective of achieving the best outcome possible.
  • We expect to be rewarded fairly in accordance with the financial protocol and policy of the practice.