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Lydia is an Oral Health Therapist, trained in both disciplines of Dental Therapy and Dental Hygiene. She graduated with a Bachelor of Oral Health from The University of Otago in New Zealand.

Lydia looks after our children and teenage patients with dedicated dental care. She is extremely patient and gentle, especially with patients who are anxious. She loves working with them to build confidence and trust in a dental environment that caters for the little ones.

She is also responsible for all of our patients’ routine dental hygiene needs, maintenance of gum health, and the treatment and prevention of gum disease.

Lydia has completed numerous workshops in Children’s Dentistry, including specialising in the Hall Technique of Stainless Steel Crowns. She has also attended continuing education courses in Early Intervention Orthodontics for Children, and works with Dr. Donny and Dr. Nomita to provide orthodontic care for our patients.

She has also had experience in Public Dentistry, being involved in Oral Health Promortion projects around the Geelong area for 3 years.

Lydia grew up living in a horse farm with her family in Rotorua, New Zealand. She often returns there to visit family and friends, as well as attending dental conferences around the country. She came to Australia in 2011 to pursue and further her career, and has since fallen in love with Melbourne, especially Point Cook, where she has recently made herself a local!